About EONE

EONE continues its efforts to serve as a leader of the medical science of the future.


2011 – present


Designated as a free medical examination support organization for immigrant women.
Designated as a partner for the Ehwa Youth Shelter.


Celebrated the relocation to the Songdo headquarters building and the building of Asia's largest automated testing system.
Celebrated the 30th anniversary.
Joint research for the development of rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis system (Hanyang University Hospital and 2 others). Selected as contractor for a State research project on autism for two consecutive years.
Established the EONE-Diagnomics Genome Center.


Won the Grand Prize in the Quality Control Awards of the Korean Association of Quality Assurance for Clinical Laboratories.
Presented the EONE Academic Awards (the Korean Society of Clinical Pathologists).

2001 - 2010


Neonatal Screening Quality Control(the Planned Population Federation of Korea)


Accredited as a Quality Testing Lab (by the Korean Society for Laboratory Medicine)


Membership of the Asian Quality Assurance Survey Program.
Obtained ISO 9001:2000 certification. Technical partnership with the Korea Genetics Research Center.


EONE Academic Awards established (by the Korean Association of Quality Control)
Recognized as a genetic testing agency (by the Ministry of Health and Welfare)
Selected as the top organization for 7 BNIBTRIA Kit tests.
Signed an MOU with Mayo Medical Laboratories.


Strategic partnership with UBcare Col, Ltd. for services linking EMR and commissioned testing.


Quality control program by the College of American Pathologists (CAP)
MOU on voluntary healthcare services with the Seoul Medical Association
Introduced the Lab Cell System of Siemens.
Won the Prime Ministerial Award for voluntary services
Won the Award of Merit in the Incheon Social Services Awards.


Obtained the CAP certification (the first in Korea to obtain the certification for 22 areas)


Obtained the CAP certification and NST certification.
Certified by the Korean Society of Pathologists
Certified as a Quality Lab
Certified by the Korean Society of Nuclear Medicine
Obtained ISO 9001:2000 certification.


Presented the EONE Academic Awards (the Korean Association of Quality Control).
Obtained ISO 9001:2001 certification.

1985 - 2000


Opened EONE Clinical Testing Center.
Obtained a radio isotope use permit (from the Ministry of Science and Technology).


Membership of the IAEA Nuclear Medicine Quality Control Society


Designated as a health insurance convalescent facility (by the Health Insurance Review Agency).


Accredited as a Quality Testing Lab (certified as a Clinical Pathology Research Organization)