Test Information

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How To Order

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STEP 01. Specimen Collection
& Preparation
  • Find the test that you want to order in the Test Menu
  • Find instructions about collecting and preparing specimens based on each
    type of the specimen and adequate containers.
  • Please refer to the test guideline and test request form to check the
    requirements needed and adequate amount of specimen according to the
    test item.
STEP 02. Fill up the Test
Request Form
  • Please select a Test Request Form according to the test item and fill out the
STEP 03. Specimen Handling
  • Please give the collected specimen to our staff in accordance to the storage
    method along with the Test.
STEP 04. Test Performance
  • Eone Laboratories is committed to compliance with requirements of regu-
    latory/ accreditation agencies
  • Eone quality improvement program is based on the concepts of quality control and quality
    assurance providing an opportunity to deliver consis-
    tent, high-quality and cost-effective service.
STEP 05. Test Report
  • The test result can be viewed in real time basis on our website and the test result
    form will be delivered the very next day.
STEP 06. Add Tests to an Order
  • To add a test item for the specimen already submitted, visit to our website and
    add the item on the view Result or call Customer Center (1600-0021).