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Test Code Test item Specimen Test Schedule analytic time
A1876 % free PSA Serum Mon-Sat(Night) 1 day
H0667 (1-3)-D-Glucan Serum Tue,Fri 1 day
A0314 1,25(OH)2 Vitamin D,Total Serum Tue 2 days
A0414 1,5-Anhydroglucitol Serum Mon,Thu 1 day
B2531 100g OGTT Serum Mon-Sat(Night) 1 day
B3371 11-(OH)corticosteroid Serum Tue,Fri 20 days
F1024 13q14.3(D13S319) deletion, FISH WB(Heparin) Mon-Thu 10 days
A3330 17 KS 2 fraction 24hr-Urine Tue,Fri 20 days
A0023 17-KGS 2 fraction 24hr-Urine Tue,Fri 15 days
B3373 17-KS (Ketosteroid) 24hr-Urine Mon,Thu 1 day
A3335 17-KS 7 fraction 24hr-Urine Tue,Fri 15 days
B3372 17-OH corticosteroid 24hr-Urine Mon,Thu 1 day
A1855 17-OH-Progesterone DBS Mon-Fri 2 days
A0035 17-OH-Progesterone (RIA) Serum Mon,Wed,Fri 1 day
H0755 18-OH corticosterone Serum Mon-Fri 27 days
A0341 1CTP Serum Tue,Fri 10 days
H0106 1p19q, deletion other Fri 2 weeks
C4747 1q (1q21) gain, FISH Bone marrow Mon-Thu 2 weeks
A0420 2,5-Hexanedione Urine Mon,Thu 4 days
H0099 2,5-Hexanedione Urine Mon,Thu 4 days